Thursday, January 27, 2011

Redmond Clay

To start off my blogging experience, I would like to start with something I am extremely familiar with.

Redmond Clay

Redmond clay is my favorite natural remedies for just about everything.

First, before I get into more details about the clay, I want to tell you first how I got introduced to clay.
A couple years back, I got an extremely bad burn from a gel candle.  I was in a fit of pain and agony and could not stand to keep my hand from the running faucet of cold water.  My dad called my grandfather and he came by immediately.
He pulled out a jar of this gray clay and told me he needed to put it on my hand.  I was skeptical, just like anyone else would be.  I honestly thought that this clay would not work but since I was in so much pain, I decided "why not?".  After my grandpa put the clay on my hand, within 30 minutes the pain was gone and I was astonished!  We kept the clay on for a few days and changed it over a week or two.  The burn was gone but I had the biggest grossest blister ever! My parents popped it and since we used the clay, I have no scarring which is just unbelievable.  
If you want to see the blister, you can watch my parents popping it. =]

So after that incident, I had no use for the clay since I hadn't been burned like that since.  Only a few years later I started working at a little vitamin store.  I became fascinated with vitamins and herbs and how they could help people so much and they are relatively cheap. Cheaper than a doctor. =]
One day while working I saw a sample packet for this clay, I recognized it immediately and told the boss we needed that in the store because I knew it would fly off the shelves if people knew its healing powers with burns.
We soon got more informational packets and I started heavily researching calcium and sodium bentonite clays. Every customer that came in and told me an ailment, clay would be the first thing i started to recommend just because it is a miracle substance.
I found that it helps with so many different ailments.  External and internal! You could eat it, drink it, wear it! I had stumbled upon the most versatile remedy ever!  It comes from the Earth and is completely natural, nontoxic, and CHEAP?!

How could this be that this was so undiscovered?
Well, there is no money in clay.  It's cheap, natural, and hard to believe some of the stuff that this can do!

Here is a video when the owner Neal Bosshardt came to the vitamin store i worked at.  It gives background information and how it was found to have healing properties.

List of uses compiled by Neal Bosshardt and Redmond Trading Co.

since Redmond Clay is a natural product, the same results are not 
guaranteed for everyone.  

EXTERNAL                                     INTERNAL 
Arthritis                                              Acid Indigestion 
Acne                                                  Acid Reflux/Heartburn 
Athletes Foot                                     Allergies/Hay fever  
Bruises/Black eyes                            Celiac’s Disease 
Boils                                                  Colitis 
Burns/Sunburns                                 Diarrhea/Dysentery 
Cellulitis                                            Diverticulitis 
Cold Sores/Fever blisters                   De-Toxifier 
Cuts                                                   Food Poisoning 
Diaper Rash                                       H-Pylori  
Ear Aches                                          Hiatel Hernia 
Eczema                                              Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
Insect bites(spider,bee,chigger,          Crohn’s Disease 
scorpions, mosquito)                          Menstrual Cramps 
Infections/including those                  Parasites 
with red streak to lymph node)           Roto Virus 
Ingrown Toe Nails                             Stomach ache 
Nail Fungus                                        Toothache 
Poison Ivy/Poison Oak                       Ulcers 
Scrapes/Road Rash  
Sores that won't heal 

Check it out here:
& Here is a great information guide for the clay written by Neal Bosshardt

If you have any questions at all, I would love to answer them for you.

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